Language Webinar

Language and Communication Apps for Autism: Free Webinar (7/27/15)

Event Presented by Language Pathologist Lois Jean Brady

Author, speech and language pathologist, and mother of a child with autism, Lois Jean Brady, will present an overview of effective apps that will increase communication and language, improve social skills and reduce behaviors for individuals with speech and language challenges.

In this informative and FREE webinar, Ms. Brady will walk us through her specific checklist for evaluating whether a particular app will be effective for someone.  By registering for this webinar, you will automatically receive her feature matching checklist that will save you time and money as you consider various apps for your family and your child with special needs.

Click HERE for more info and register for this webinar!

Publisher Future Horizons will be offering a webinar only special offer to purchase Lois’s book so be sure to register to have access to this special offer.


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