Beginners Guide to Spice By: Madeline Wehking


Outside of salt, pepper, and maybe garlic powder, most people will not even touch spices in the kitchen! I am going to give you a few quick tips on why spices may just be the best addition to your plate for not only your taste buds, but your body!

The spice section of your local supermarket can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many flavors to choose from! The following 5 spices can be a good place to start, as they are really versatile and can be used in many dishes.

Cayenne pepper

Health benefits: May work as a natural pain reliever, contains vitamin A, and may reduce cholesterol.

How to use it: Its hot and spicy flavor is great in vinegar-based sauces, can be combined with lemons in marinades, and works well with all types of meat.

Coriander seeds

Health benefits: It may help control blood sugar, cholesterol, and free radical production.

How to use it: Coming from the same plant as cilantro, these seeds are great added to soups, fish, and smoked meats, like turkey. It blends well with cumin.



Health benefits: Good source of manganese, iron, and vitamin B6. It may also provide relief for arthritis.

How to use it: This colorful spice is most commonly used in curries, but it adds flavor to stir-fried veggies or rice. I also love to put a dash turmeric in my smoothies because it has so many great hidden health benefits.



Health benefits: Includes the ability to aid in digestion and improves your overall immunity health.

How to use it: Cumin can be used with meat in a dry rub or marinade, legume and vegetable dishes. It’s a great addition to Mexican style dishes.



Health Benefits: Some research has found that a particular type of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, may lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

How to use it: Cinnamon can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. It is a great way to pull together a rich savory flavor, such as meat, and a deep sweetness ingredient like fruit. Cinnamon to me is fall time. It’s the perfect touch on roasted squash or sweet potatoes.


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