Full Of Holes By: Melissa Miles

Take a look at our summer read, Full of Holes.

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Laura Shuman had never once noticed all of the holes that exist in the world around her. At least not until she gave birth to a son with health issues that required his little body to be riddled with holes that might keep him alive until he could receive a transplant. As Laura is thrust into the role of full time caregiver for her sick child, she begins to lose herself-feeling isolated from old friends whose kids are healthy. Her marriage is in shambles, and she feels her hope waning. Advice that is meant to be helpful only seems to create a bigger sense of failure in her. Can a new friendship with someone who understands restore Laura’s hope and rediscover the woman she once was? Will Laura be able to do what it takes to rekindle the spark in her marriage? This short story offers a glance into the life of a mother struggling to love a small child with all of his holes. It also explores the existence of holes that cannot be seen to the outside world, but can still eat away at the very fabric of one’s spirit.

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